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GMO Corn as a Contraceptive

Did you know that there is a genetically modified corn that is being introduced in third world countries to help control the "over-population problem?"  Did you know it is funded by our very own USDA?  This type of contraceptive corn could already be in our diets.  

Check out this article which shows some interesting percentages right here in America on population decline. The Salem-News article from Oregon sheds light on this controversial topic and asks some very thought provoking questions.  Click on this link to read it:


If you are interested in how GM crops work and what potential problems it can cause,  I recommend watching this DVD, Future of  Food.  It also takes a look at other countries and their response to GMOs.  In addition, the mega seed companies here in America aren't making it easy for the small farmers who want to save their own seed and keep GMO free.  Watch real people, real farmers, who are fighting for their farms in an uphill battle to have this freedom.  Just click on the picture to purchase this eye-opening DVD.

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