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My Favorite Homemade Antiseptic Cleaner

There are many homemade cleaners out there, but I love mine and have not changed it for seven years!  They say that our homes have more chemical toxins in the air than outside, and no wonder.  With all of the chemical-based cleaners that most people use, it is not surprising.  I don't have to worry about my two-year old getting into my cleaner and "cleaning the floor".  It is perfectly safe and there are just three ingredients; water, dish soap and tea tree oil.

Fill a quart spray bottle almost full of water, add three tablespoons of dish soap, such as Palmolive or Dr. Bronner's and add 20-30 drops of tea tree oil.  You can also add essential oil if you like, such as lemon verbena or peppermint.  Shake it up and there you have it!  I use this for my kitchen counter tops, even after raw meat juice clean up.  I also use it for sinks, toilets and floors.

My sister wrote down a few homemade cleaners for the home including this one and laminated them.  She then punched a whole in the corner and tied a cute ribbon through it and gave them to us for Christmas years ago.  It was one of the best Christmas presents I ever received.   It saves money, is healthier and is one step towards a simple, more sustainable lifestyle.


  1. I still have Lisa's homemade cleaner recipes and use them. That was a great gift!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I think I may borrow this idea and use it as a Christmas gift for my lady friends. Thank you!


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