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Birthdays, Keeping it Simple!

  Yesterday, we celebrated my sweet daughter, Savannah's ninth birthday.  It was a simple birthday, nothing too fancy, but she enjoyed it and appreciated it's simplicity.

  Last year we celebrated with a tea party.  Then we dressed our horse and pony up with ribbons and bows and each young lady had a chance to ride the horse or pony and get her picture taken.

  We also had a gift exchange, where every girl brought a gift with a $15.00 limit that pertained to a tea party.  These gifts were numbered, then the girls drew a number to pick out a gift for themselves.  So, all of the young ladies went home with a gift and party favors.  I never liked the idea of everyone sitting around my child, watching her open gift after gift after gift!  Not much fun for the others!

  It was a very special birthday, but we only give a big party for each child once.  Not only is it costly, but we believe having birthday parties every year or so makes the child unappreciative of the simple things in life.  Celebrating her birthday into womanhood in the years to come would qualify for another party!

   This year, it was raining all day, but we had a relaxing time together.  Savannah was treated like the princess that she is with a manicure from me, a make-up facial from my son (yes, I said son!), and picture-taking from my oldest daughter.  My son wanted her to feel special, and he knew the way to her heart!  Applying make-up was just his way of showing her that he cared for her.  What a cute sight to see big brother, in his camo hat and shirt, putting eyeshadow on his little sister!  We played games, and watched a movie.  Her chores in the barn were done by my six-year-old son.  We did not do school, for birthdays are special!

  I planned a birthday menu around the wishes of the birthday girl.  From chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, pizza for lunch to barbeque wings for dinner, she also requested a chocolate cake, of course!

  If you have read my other posts, you know now that I like simple!  This might sound terrible, but I don't wrap presents very often.  I like to have treasure hunts!  Savannah found her presents with clues that I  laid around the house.  I think she truly enjoyed the hunt better than opening presents!  Just in case you are wondering, I do wrap Christmas presents!

  We like to keep their presents at $50.00.  There are special birthdays when this is higher, such as Savannah's birthday party last year.  But, it makes for a simple, appreciative birthday where they aren't overwhelmed with so many gifts!

  We ended the day in prayer, then each family member honored Savannah by commenting on what
they appreciated about her.  What a peaceful ending to a peaceful day!

  What do you do on your children's birthdays?  Any sweet and simple ideas?


  1. I love this, Susie!! I'm a simple birthday person myself--Blessings!

  2. That sounds like a great day! We do birthday's similarly. This past year when my daughter turned 3, I too focused the menu around her tastes... pink cake and all. I did everything pink and even decorated the house. And then we had a "party"... just us. With no family local it makes it easy to stay low key. What we spend on presents really doesn't matter because so many things come from grandparents in the mail, that we let that be the big presents.

    This year my oldest will be 5 and we'll do something special... kind of a "your old enough now..." type birthday with special details. I love that we spend them together though, and I hope that it will instill in them the simplicity of the little things.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the pink decor idea! My parents are coming today with their birthday present and a cake, so Savannah gets another little special day! Thanks for sharing !

  4. I love your simple birthday ideas, when it is someones birthday in our family, they get to be King or Queen of the day, and have no chores, and choose what we watch together, what we eat, or if their is a special activity. I do like to let them have a few friends over, mostly just for a nice fun day. Of course, we always have a special cake too. Great post!

  5. Thanks for sharing, April! Great ideas! I like your king and queen idea!

  6. My girls just had birthdays. Yesterday was Zena's birthday and she got to go with her Nana to her house for a bit and then when her Daddy came home she got to go with him to McDonald's. Saturday we will have a cake for her with the family and maybe grandparents. Zoi got to go with a nice lady from church to McDonald's because they share a birthday. Then we had a cake for her as well and she got art materials. Thanks for sharing your day. I like the hunt idea.

  7. Tell your girls, Happy Belated Birthday! Sounds like it was a simple and sweet day!

  8. We've been scaling back our birthday celebrations recently for the same reasons. Thanks for posting this! It's encouraging and gives me some good ideas.

  9. So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for visiting!


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