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Earache Relief

We had a frost this morning.  I took a quick walk around the house and could feel the crunch under my slippers.  I looked around, seeing all of the things I needed to get done.  

The pear tree is still loaded.  I made pear butter, but now I need to pick more and make cinnamon pears.

The cool air chilled my nose.  It's coming.  Winter.  I don't much look forward to winter.  I can get a little stir crazy, and now I hear it is going to be one of the worst winters.  Nice.

Being cooped up in the house also means catching the flu bug more often.  Wonderful.  I guess I need to get all of my herbal remedies made and get online to purchase immune booster vitamins.  I was not prepared last year, but I am determined to have what I need before this "dreaded time" happens.  

One of my favorite herbal remedies is garlic-olive oil drops for earaches.  Once again, it's simple, only two ingredients to mix.  That's my kind of home remedy.  Nothing is more frustrating than trying to find a certain out-of-the-ordinary herb to make your own cough syrup!

Garlic and Olive Oil tincture:

Chop or mash a garlic clove in 1/4 cup olive oil and let sit for about 15 minutes.  Strain, then either put in a small bottle with a dropper, or soak it up with a cottonball.   Have the child lay down on his side with the cottonball on the affected ear for a few minutes.   Or put 5-6 drops in the ear and gently massage it.

This has worked wonders for us.  But, if the earache persists, a doctor visit is needed.  You can also find this tincture already made at health food stores.

Are you prepared?


  1. Garlic and olive oil works well. I have also used ACV drops...soak a cotton swab and tilt the head so it drips in.

  2. It has worked wonders in our family, too! It helped us to use it several times a day for 2-3 days to make sure the bug is really gone before stopping the treatment! I LOVE really simple, 'first do no harm' kind of herbs like this. Thank you, Susie :) I miss you, dear sister!!

  3. Experimented with this remedy this evening & it worked for my aching son. He is sound asleep after 45 minutes of complaining. Our store-bought relief drops didn't do much relieving...thank you for sharing!


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