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Entrepreneur Spirit in Children Under Attack

  What is this world coming to?  When a child can no longer sell lemonade on his own front lawn?  I recently read this article from a conservative website and was blown away!  Children cannot sell lemonade or Girl Scout cookies in some states, because they do not have a food permit.

  I find it ironic that the government can put GMO corn, soybeans, wheat, etc. in our foods without restrictions or our knowing, yet our children are hindered trying to make a buck or two from selling a cookie?  Was there ever a foodborne related illness from a lemonade stand?  Is it really that potentially harmful that it requires a food permit?  If the government requires it, shouldn't it be required of them to label GMO foods, which are potentially harmful?  Hmmmm, it makes you wonder.  It seems we are becoming more regulated, yet the government is becoming less restricted.  Read this article for the specifics!


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