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Free 2 oz Bottle of Goat's Milk Lotion

Deal has ended, but you can still stock up on some great soap!

Need to get a few more gifts without spending too much?  How about automatically receiving a free bottle of goat's milk lotion?

If you buy 2 bars of Eden goat's milk soap and join my blog or like Our Simple Farm on Facebook, you will receive a 2 oz bottle of goat's milk lotion for free!  It is just the right size to put in your purse or diaper bag, or you could give it away as a gift!

Hurry while my soap supplies last!

All you have to do is buy 2 bars at an already low price of $3.50 each and join my blog or like Our Simple Farm on Facebook, and you will qualify to receive a free 2 oz bottle of my goat's milk lotion, made with our very own milk from the farm!

You can order here or at my website, www.edengoatsmilksoapandlotion.com.

Don't forget to like my blog or join!

If you are blessed by Our Simple Farm, then I encourage you to "like" my blog on Facebook to receive updates you won't see here, join this blog, or subscribe via email to get the latest posts, deals and updates!

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  1. I am going shopping RIGHT NOW!! I'm on my last bit of goat's milk soap and I need some more!!


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