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Holiday Garland - Hobby Farms

It's that time of year to break out the Christmas music and decorate the house with Christmas cheer!  What a joyous time!

Do you like simple decorations for Christmas?  If you are like me, I like to make handmade ornaments with my children and simple, country decor.  I found these garland downloads at Hobby Farms, one of my favorite magazines.  Just click on the link below to download these garland templates.

Holiday Garland - Hobby Farms

You can also find make-your-own ornamental crafts at Oriental Trading Company.  They have a lot inexpensive craft kits that our kids love!

The children love to see their handmade decorations from previous years resurface!  We try to make new tree ornaments each year.

How about making an ornament or two, or print out these garland templates for your home?  You don't need expensive decor, for Christ was not born in a palace!


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  1. My Hubby wants this year to be a "little house on the prairie" Christmas. I am looking into making our decorations and I think I have enough scrapbook paper to make this holiday chain. I'm also collecting pine cones and berry sprigs to tuck in all over the house. And can you REALLY string popcorn for garland? I would think it would fall apart but Hubby has a vision...

  2. Sounds wonderful! You can sting popcorn too. I think it looks even more beautiful when we make our own decorations!


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