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JM Cremps

JM Cremps

Well, now that Christmas is coming, I have to share with you a store that I am really excited about,  JMCremps!  I encourage you to check them out for adventurous toys, mostly for boys, but I did notice my daughters looking at some of the items as well! When we received the catalog, my sons were quite glued to it, making sure I knew which items they liked.  JMCremps has similar toys as Vision Forum, but much much more! I know where I'm going for Christmas! Take a look!

JMCremps has a wonderful selection of books!  Historical, adventuresome, and much, much more!

Carhart and other quality clothes for your working boys are available here!

Oh, and the toys!  So many neat, hands-on toys that even mama was excited!

Whittling, leather crafting, geocaching, the list goes on and on with all of the activities!

There are many adventurous possibilities!  From winter fun to cowboy and western pretend play, there is something for every boy!

Any type of gear you would ever need for your boys is here as well.  Fishing, camping, hunting and much more!

So, if you aren't quite sure what to get your boys for Christmas, may I suggest you take a look at JMCremps.  Not only are these wholesome toys, but JMCremps is a Christian-owned company.  Just click on any picture or JMCremps and it will take you to their website.

Don't forget, I am still launching my blog this week, so, scroll down to my launching post and see how you can win a bunch of goodies! 


  1. Cool! Thanks for posting about this company! I hadn't heard of them before but will be sure to check their site out!

  2. Kari,
    Cool indeedy! Their catalog is better than Vision Forum's, and we love Vision Forum! Both are like a Christmas present in itself!


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