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Five Days of Gardening Goals - Satisfaction of Eating Homegrown Food

Do you have a sense of fulfillment when you take a stroll outside and gaze at your beloved garden?

Do you feel alive and refreshed when you pick a Sungold cherry tomato off of it's vine, enjoying the succulent taste of one of the best cherry tomatoes ever?

Digging up potatoes is like digging up a gold mine.  Tasting a new cantaloupe variety that you have never tasted anywhere before brings a smile to your face.

For those of you that have a garden for the simple satisfaction of eating your own homegrown foods, this one's for you!  Eating what you grow brings you great joy, yet you aren't focused on lowering your grocery bill or just watching your vegetables and/or plants grow.

You are not looking to preserve anything you grow, but you just want to eat what you grow for that season.

Do you fit in to this category?  Some of you may be thinking that you would like to fit in all of the categories, but I will post about that on the fifth day.

The last two of the five goals, in case you missed them, were;

Pleasure gardening - enjoying the fulfillment of growing things

Lowering your grocery bill

So, how do we focus on today's gardening goal?  It is probably the easiest to follow.  You just want to enjoy your homegrown goodies, right?  Remember that word, enjoy.

Even this simple goal can get messed up into one big headache.  Why?  Again, it is easy to bite off more than we can chew.  Your goal is not to preserve, which is perfectly ok.  Your goal is to enjoy.  Enjoy that Marketmore cucumber that you just bit into.  Enjoy that Tigger melon's sweet flesh (one of my favorite heirloom melons!)  Enjoy that sense of accomplishment when you and your family eat supper veggies from the garden.

Here are some tips you might want to remember.

Since you are not preserving, don't plant too much of one seed type.  You will end up feeling guilty for wasting a lot.

Be creative.  With this goal, you do have the freedom of trying different varieties.  Although you still have to find out what grows well in your soil, you can grow unusual veggies and experiment.  If you have the space and the time, try out different flavors of certain varieties

Grow the staples as well.  You don't want your garden to be one big experiment!  But, since lowering your grocery bill is not on the agenda, you can grow those veggies that you never buy in the grocery store.  Those intriguing vegetables that you always wondered about.  You just might find another favorite vegetable!

I never ate a radish until I grew them myself.  Now, I am considered a radish lover!  I love the colors of the Easter Egg radishes.  I love to put salt on the French Breakfast radishes and gobble them up!  But, I wouldn't even look twice at them in the grocery store.

You never know.  Just enjoy the fact that your goal has given you a lot of freedom in your garden.  There is no right or wrong, but don't lose money with your garden.

Grow what you love and grow what you would love to try!  No pressure here, just simple enjoyment.

Yesterday, I talked about gardening to lower your grocery bill.  This is where the self discipline comes in to play.  It takes a little more work and planning to achieve this goal.

Tomorrow, I'll take it a step further.  If your gardening goal is to lessen your reliance on grocery stores, that is, to replace the groceries with your garden, then I encourage you to join me!

If you are encouraged by Our Simple Farm, than would you join me?  Look to the upper left to join this blog, subscribe via email or like me on Facebook.  You can also look below and become a fan by liking my blog and/or follow me on Twitter!

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  1. Love growing my own food, Susie! Herb is already aching to till the ground--LOL! I told him I just finished canning a couple months ago so I'm not quite ready yet:)
    I'm glad you introduced me to the easter egg radishes too!

  2. Radishes ~ believe it or not, are very good sliced and sauteed in butter or olive oil with salt and pepper. I was very leary till I cooked them ~ YUMMO!


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