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Our Simple Christmas Farmhouse

I am jumping on the bandwagon on this one by posting our Christmas home and decorations here at the Shock farm.  I decided to do this for two reasons.

One, to merely show you that we are simple folk here!  Nothing fancy, just us.

And two, I want you all to know who I am, really.  No photos from some other site.  I can find plenty that look a lot better than our humble abode, but, you know what?

I am blessed beyond measure to have what I have!  I love our little farmhouse (although it only has one bathroom and I have 5 children, ahem).

I love my big farm kitchen (although the cabinets are older than dirt and darker than dark).

I love our little master bedroom (although there is only one tiny closet and my husband likes to hoard sweaters.  Love you, Dear).

I love our cozy family room (although the windows are old and you can feel the breeze from the inside).

So, here you have it!  The Shock's humble abode!  I wouldn't trade it for the world!

We have a large country kitchen, which is my favorite place to be!

A dear friend of mine gave me this old stainless steel milking pail. 
I decided to dress it up for Christmas!

I brought in our chicken butchering stainless steel table to use as the kitchen island.
Yes, it is clean!  My kids looked at me a little funny when I wheeled
it inside!  I also used my great grandmother's old wire egg basket
to store some of my favorite cookbooks on the island.

Our tree is a mixture of modern, primitive and homemade crafts!

Some ornaments that the children made.

Our toy and photo bin.

We want everyone to feel at home here!

Our home is simple.  Our home is country, real country.

Our home is us.

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  1. You have a perfectly lovely home! I also love your "simple Christmas." That is the way Christmas was growing up in my family and how I do Christmas for my children now.

  2. Not only is a pretty place to be, it's a very welcoming place--I can attest to that:)

  3. love the pictures of your home and it looks like anyone would be comfortable in it. very nice!

  4. Thank you, ladies! You all are so sweet!

  5. Lovely house! It looks like such a cozy, welcoming place.

  6. I love your decorating style, Susie! It seems we share the same appreciation for old, traditional, country things.

  7. What a wonderful home you have - my farmhouse is "only 40 years old" but I wouldn't move into a more modern home for the world!

  8. Your home is beautiful! Love vintage/country decor! Thanks so much for sharing {and linking up}! ~Angela

  9. Thanks for sharing! Reassuring to know there are other "real" people out there!

  10. I loved getting to see your home, Susie--I also think it is lovely and looks so homey!

  11. Simply devine. What a lovely home and family you have.


  12. FYI: I just became your 100 Follower.{smile}. Excited to get to know your family more.

  13. A big welcome to you! Thank you for making it 100!

  14. Your home is very sweet! You've done a great job making it look lovely and homey!

  15. Oh Susie,
    I hear you on the 5 kids one bathroom!!!!
    Your home is beautiful! :)
    Merry Christmas!!


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