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Weekly Deals For Us Simple Folk


This is a new addition to Our Simple Farm.  I have an awesome opportunity to share with you some mega deals thanks to a 5 acre Discount Store just 10 minutes away from me.  They obtain closeout store inventories and overstocked items at rock-bottom price.  And, what makes this even better is it is owned by a homeschooling Christian family!  People travel from afar to shop here.

So, I want to share with you my findings by offering weekly deals from this store. 

I will buy a certain amount of quality products to offer my readers and you all can purchase here through paypal at a discounted price until the item runs out.  Most of these items are geared towards homemaking, stay-at-home moms, children's items, home decor and seasonal products.  If my husband tells me that a certain tool he finds is a good deal, I might put that on here as well, especially if it will benefit the farm!

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Weekly Deal #1
                                                                                                                                     View Cart
Need some activity books to keep quiet time quiet?  How about a stocking stuffer?  These books are $5.99 at Amazon, but you can buy them here for just $3.99!  45 pages of learning fun and made with 100% recyclable paper which gives it a unique touch and feel!

Discovery: Spin-The-Wheel Wild Jungles (Discovery Brown Paper & Wheel) Add to Cart

Spin-the-wheel Extreme Deserts (Discovery Brown Paper)

Add to Cart

Discovery: Spin-The-Wheel Awesome Oceans (Discovery Brown Paper & Wheel)

Add to Cart

Bible Songs, Songs that Teach is another great activity book with 30 plus choruses and hyms, scripture spotlights, praise signs, 30 scripture memory cards, crafts, games and activities.  Amazon's lowest price is $7.98, buy it here for only $4.99!  Wow!

Bible Songs Workbook


Add to Cart

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