How I use Castor Oil

When my third child was due to come into this world, I was ready, more than ready.  I was also impatient, so, I decided to do what everyone else would have done;)  I drank castor oil.  Now, all of the stories I heard about pregnant women taking castor oil were positive ones.  They all said something like this: "I drank castor oil and 2 minutes later out comes my precious little bundle!"

Well, let's just say that it didn't work with me.  I got sick.

Now I know better not to ever do that again.  After that wonderful incident, castor oil was not on my good list!

So here we are, nine years later, and I am back to using castor oil.  You see, I have complex ovarian cysts.  I found this out a couple of months ago and was told that there is nothing I can do, but to wait until I get another ultrasound in January to see if they have dissolved.  If they haven't, then I will need surgery.

Hmmph!  Nothing I can do, really?  That just didn't set well with me.  I was determined to do something!  So, the Lord brought a lady into my life very briefly who just happened to talk about a naturopath who just happened to battle with ovarian cysts when she was younger.  Thank you, God.  I just might have some direction!

I went to see this wonderful Christian naturopath and she told me that hormonal imbalance all starts with the liver.  If my liver is full of junk, my hormones will be out of whack.

Usually, the cause of ovarian cysts is low progesterone.  Needless to say, I was told to start using progesterone cream and she also gave me a liver detox tincture and pills, and a tincture that helps regulate my hormones.

She also told me to use castor oil packs.  That is what helped her dissolve her own cysts without surgery!

Castor oil can penetrate up to 4 inches under the skin.  It is also known to detox liver, help eliminate fibroids and cysts.  It is supposed to strengthen the immune system with what is called lectins.  These constituents activate the immune system to help eliminate cysts.

Here is what I do;

I get expeller pressed castor oil at a natural food store.  Normally, they will have a wool cloth somewhere near the castor oil to purchase.

I soak the wool cloth in castor oil, place it over my ovaries, then put plastic wrap around it to keep it from staining my clothes or blankets.  I then put a heating pad over the top to help it absorb into my skin.  I keep it on for an hour and do this 3-4 times a week.

I will keep you informed if it works!

If you are interested in seeing a Christian naturopath and live near Schererville, Indiana, here is her website;

You can also use it for an eye makeup remover.  Just mix 1 tablespoon each of castor oil, light olive oil and canola oil.  Castor oil acts as a humectant, meaning that it attracts moisture to the skin and retains it, which in turn promotes healthier skin cell rejuvenation.  We can all use that, right?

I would love to hear your uses of castor oil!

Here is an update!  After going back in for my ultrasound, I no longer have cysts on my ovaries!  Whether it was the castor oil packs alone, detoxing my liver and/or regulating my hormones or a combination of all three, I do not know for sure.


  1. I just bought a book about herbs, probably from your library list. I am all about making my stuff instead of buying chemically laden products from the store. I have other cysts, I'm wondering if this would help that situation... I'll have to read more about it.

  2. My experience using castor oil cleaned my colon and gave me regular contractions for about 2 hours. I had my big 10der boy 1 week later-when he was ready!
    But- about using for cysts is extremely interesting. I happen to know of a few ladies suffering from these! I also read that Iodine will help them. I have no experience in this tho.

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! I just wish we had a naturopath here in AR!

  4. I'll keep you posted on this! I go in to get an ultrasound at the end of the month!

  5. you didn't mention on here if it worked? I have the same problem and am desperate for sn ulternative treatment. Pls let me know if it is worth the try!

  6. I would live an update. I was told I need surgery and can possibly loose an ovary. I pray for something else. I am getting castor oil TOMIRROW

  7. Susie...were your cysts large or small? I have a huge mass that is sitting on top of my ovaries and bladder which they believe is a cyst.

  8. Hello All: Years ago I had very painful fibroid cysts in my breasts. Over several days I placed a cloth soaked in castor oil in my bra over the most painful areas. I am so happy to report it worked! Keep helping each other with natural cures! Beth Ann

  9. Hi Susie,
    Bless you for sharing your experience :)

    I am having the same issue. My liver must be full of junk as you say, because I have a sludgy gallbladder and an ovarian cyst on my right ovary. My thyroid is a tad out of whack, as are my adrenals.

    I have the castor oil and heating pad so I will begin this protocol today.

    Can I ask what supplements/tinctures you were recommended by the Naturopath to detox your liver and for progesterone support please? I can be reached at And how long did the detox and return to health take?

    Thank you and have a blessed day!

  10. Hi! So I get ovarian cysts every month when I ovulate. If I did this when the cyst starts and it works, would I have to continue to do it every month or would they go away forever? Keep in mind I have started taking DIM, a female multi vitamin, and a liver detox supplement too about 3 weeks ago, but I feel the cyst starting again today.
    Thanks for your input!

  11. As a healthcare provider for 20 plus years I've often put my attention more towards a holistic approach on treating my personal issues. I personally do not have health insurance so this is often the direction I turn to. I understand we're not meant to diagnose other peoples issues, but for my own experience I believe I've experienced similar, yet occasional ovarian cyst based on personal research. Having come acrossed the castor oil packs recommendations to dissolve the cysts, I decided to give them a try because I had only everything to gain. After following the protocol for 2 weeks I was pain free and have not experienced any problems for more than 3 years. Currently they have reocurred because I have not stayed on what I know to be a correct diet. So, here we go again!!! Castor oil packs to the rescue!

  12. Hello! I just want to ask how large your ovarian cyst was because mine is 6cm. Im really praying it'll work with me.

  13. What did she give you to detox your liver and balance your hormones? Please email me at I NEED this info so badly.. Thank you and God Bless!!

  14. Lemos Juice and pectin are great Liver detoxifiers. I make My own pectin from lemon peels and feel great after taking these 2 together in the morning.

  15. Hello, I'd love information on the progesterone cream and liver detox things you did. I'm in a similar situation and can use all the help I can get. Thank you so much.

  16. I am currently doing this! I get pain in the cyst the day after though is that a good thing?

  17. same for me. I do the castor oil pack before I go to sleep and then it wake me up with pain, and the next day im just in pain because of it. I just wonder if it's normal because I only heard it relieve the pain not gives you pain te next day. I hope someone will answer.

  18. I have ovarian cysts of 7cm on my Left ovary together with irregular mestration. since the pain was unbearable that I have to rush to the hospital. initially I was diagnosed of 6cm cysts on both ovary then I started taking ginger,lemon,lime together with Honey the pain stop but early November 2016 I did another scan the scan show the right has disappeared but the left increasing to 7.1cm. I was so worried I am tired of taking drugs my doctor advised me to remove it surgically... I was searching for solution on net and I found out that selenium 200mcg and castor oil cure ovarian cyst. I did not discuss it with my doctor bcos I no he will discouraged me. I went to the pharmacy to get both the product I have only taking 4 capsules I have see the result because I used to discharge always the discharge has stop and for the castor oil I have swallow in my left ovary as a result of the cysts just one night I apply it when the swallow is, the swallow disappear overnight I was so surprised this is what my doctor ask me to pay N1.2millon naira to have the cysts removed surgically I am so greatful to God for using Internet to heal me try it and I pray it for you too remain blessed

    1. Dear Aishat, i am glad you were able to get rid of the cyst through natural means and did not have to pay soo much for a surgery. I know someone close to me who is suffering the same, she would like your advice on how to adopt the same method you used. Please can she email or call you


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