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Making Money Mondays - Selling Eggs to More Than Family and Friends

Did you know that an egg has over 17,000 tiny spores all over it's shell ?

An egg ages more in one day without refrigeration than in one week in the refrigerator.

A fresh egg will sink in water, but an old egg will stand up and/or float.

If you can spin an egg, it's hard-cooked, if it wobbles, it's raw.

Do you raise your own hens?  Have you gotten to the point that you have too many even after selling to your family and friends?

Maybe you just have a few, but want to get more hens and start an egg business.  Let me share with you three very simple ideas to get you selling those eggs directly to customers!

1.  Farmer's markets

If you know of a nearby farmer's market that has no other egg vendor, than I highly suggest you jump on this opportunity!  If it brings in a decent amount of people, I can almost guarantee you will sell out of your eggs every time!  If it is a large farmer's market and has another egg vendor, there is still potential!  As always, check your local health department and see what regulations there are and/or permit/s you might need.  You might get lucky and not need a permit, and just follow simple guidelines such as having clean eggs stored under 45 degrees.

2.  Selling from your home

This is different from selling to family, friends and neighbors.  What you need is a nice neat sign and a garage or small outbuilding with a clean refrigerator.  Usually people set this up as an honor system.  Customers can come right into your garage, get their eggs and put the money in a jar set up by the frig.  Very simple!  It might take some time to build up clientele, but it also gives you more freedom.  You can even sell your produce right along with it and eventually start a CSA that includes eggs.

3.  Restaurants

For those who are ready to take it up a notch, find local restaurants who are looking for local eggs, or eggs with extremely better taste than a pale yellow tasteless egg.  These are usually the higher end restaurants and it takes a little bit of marketing and people skills.  You are the salesman and have to sell your eggs to the chef!  I suggest you take them in for the chef to try (non-busy hours, of course).  Make sure you have a stable supply of eggs and enough for the chef's demands!  If a chef or two or three turns you down, don't give up.  Keep looking and find other restaurants.  Later, recheck the restaurants that turned you down and see if they are in need of quality eggs.  You never know, their egg supplier might have quit or the chef just needs more eggs.

As always, Making Money Mondays are designed to help you with potential income ideas.  I did not go into detail on hen and egg care.  That is for another post!

Is an egg business in your future?  If so, I'd love to hear from you and your eggcellent ideas!

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  1. I have tons of extra eggs but we live in a state where they want to control everything we do. I give the eggs away to friends and neighbors. I wish I could sell a few dozen. I am pretty sure food is treated more like contraband than actual contraband! Imagine if we were free to grow fresh food and sell it?

    1. Tamatha, can you sell them from your house? I would find out from your extension agent specifically what the rules are. You might be surprised! The county health department was going to make me get a food permit to sell at the farmer's market, but, I asked a couple of questions, they looked into it more, and told me that I do not need one.

      Unfortunately, the food regulations are going to get worse with Obama's newly appointed Monsanto vice president working for the FDA.

  2. We have a lovely flock of chickens, but I manage to use up all the eggs myself in one way or another. We are a family of 10 and I do lots of cooking from scratch using our farm-produced foods.

    Egg selling is a great income opportunity, though, for those with extra eggs to sell. People will pay for good, real food for sure!

    Thank you for this post.

  3. Another suggestion for those with excess eggs, contact your local Weston A. Price Chapter Leader. The leader keeps a list of producers and would probably love to share your egg availability. I know that eggs are one of the big requests that I get through my WAPF inquiries.


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