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Making Self-Reliance Work: Busting the three myths that hold people back

I recently read an article at Mother Earth News that I think will hit home for a lot of people.  What is really holding us back from truly becoming self reliant?  Steve Maxwell simply explains the three main myths that some are holding onto as truths.  Let's read these three myths, first of all, and if you find yourself believing in at least one of them, I encourage you to click on his article link and read more.  Let's debunk these myths and plow on with an unshakable faith in the Creator who can provide for us, who can give us strength and who can give us wisdom in trials, triumphs and, yes, even failures!

Myth #1- Not enough talent

Myth #2 - Not enough time

Myth #3 - Good tools cost too much(in other words, not enough resources and money)

Read on by clicking the link below.

Making Self-Reliance Work: Busting the three myths that hold people back

I have many books that I think you would learn from and appreciate at Susie's Bookstore.  There is so much we can do to become more self-sufficient, one step at a time.

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