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Write for Making Money Mondays!

You all probably know this is one of my passions! For the entrepreneurs out there, I would love to hear from you!

MMMs has been very popular here at Our Simple Farm, and I want to continue to make it happen.  I love to write about ideas to make money.  Some ideas we have done or are doing here at the farm, other ideas are pondered about and researched, and put on my brain shelf that says, "Maybe."

There are a lot of creative people out there who have used their creativity to make some money.  I want to hear from you!

If you make money, from a dollar a day to hundreds, on your little piece of heaven, then I am offering you a chance to be a part of Making Money Mondays!  You will be able to write about how you got started in your business, what you do and pointers and tips for others who might be interested.

This is a great way to share with others who are looking for ways to make a little cash, or a steady income.  I am not looking for an advertising post, so please note the difference.  This post should be about what you do, not about selling your products to the readers here.  That is saved for those who have paid for an ad space.  That being said, this opportunity should bring more exposure to your business, website and/or blog, and it is free!

To be more specific, let me list three main things I am looking for.

1.  What you do to make money.

2.  How you got started.

3.  Marketing strategies - how you sell your products.

Remember, this does not have to be a regular business.  If you make a little bit of money here or there, I still would love for you to post about it!  There are no limitations on the amount of money you make.

Please send me your posts by pasting it to an email, with pictures, website or blog and anything else you would like to add.  Don't forget to answer the three questions above!  Remember, this is free and will bring more exposure to your business!  I will let you know when and if I post your money making ideas as long as it is in good taste and not offensive to my readers.

Any questions?  Feel free to email me at shockfarm@embarqmail.com!

Are you encouraged by Our Simple Farm? If so, would you join me? Look to the upper left to join this blog, subscribe via email or like me on Facebook. You can also look below and become a fan by liking my blog and/or follow me on Twitter!


  1. I sell my eggs. I have about 40 hens and get about 2-3 dz eggs a day. Restaurants give me their egg cartons and I have a sign out by the road advertising fresh brown eggs. I have regular customers and then people who think it's a novelty to stop at a local farm. When I have a surplus of eggs I comment on facebook and generally someone will respond. I have also donated extra eggs to a local youth program and receive a tax deductible receipt.

  2. Any ways you make money are great! How about writing your money making ways as a post and email it to me? Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi, For years now I have been making my own granola and everyone loves it always asks me for the recipe. I finally decided I would love to sell it. I do not have a farm, but I would love to eventually go to a farmers market with my granola and then go from there, maybe with other homemade products. I would also love some tips on how some of you got started with you small business? I do not have a commercial kitchen and I get a little overwhelmed with the permits (I'm in NYS). I would love to help please.


I would love to hear from you! Your sweet comments are always appreciated!

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