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Making Money Mondays - How to Earn an Extra $1000

money mOnEy MONEY

May is one of the busiest months of the year for me.  Between getting the garden going and maintaining it, taking care of the animals and 4-H, there isn't much time for anything else!  So, I am still here, but, posting will not be as frequent.  I know you all are busy too and computer time seems to dwindle during the warmer months!

Today, I am sharing a Money Saving Mom post that I think you might find helpful.  She has a wonderful blog with great money saving tips and income earning ideas.  A reader of her's wrote in and asked what she could do to raise income by $1000 a month.  You can find the many responses at the link below.  Maybe one of them might work for you too!

Now, I gotta get outside and plant the rest of my garden, water our thirsty soil, figure out what is wrong with our electric fence(oh joy) and check on a horse that was colicky.  I'm sure I will find something else along the way to do as well!

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  1. Lots of good tips over at Money Saving Mom -- thanks for sharing the link! Happy farming,


    1. Thanks, Lisa! It's exciting to read some of those great ideas!

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  3. Start to save money now in your own little ways. Consider these saving money tips to develop the good habit of saving. You can then proceed with bigger savings once you have developed the habit.


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