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Simple Living Wednesday Link Up!

I was thinking the other day while weeding the garden about how wonderful the earth smells, how much I enjoy getting my hands in the dirt and, yes, how pulling weeds has actually been enjoyable this year!

Being almost 10 weeks pregnant, I am feeling tired and a little icky, but, doing light work in the garden is therapeutic to me.  My nausea is forgotten, my tiredness is replaced with a renewed energy and I just feel alive!  What a blessing!

And blessings have been pouring in through all of your posts as well.  It is so much fun to see what is going on in your lives.  I feel like if I met you all in person, we would have such a great time together!  If only it were possible.....

 So, let's look at some featured posts from last week!

 Take a tour of a chicken coop at Busy Hands Busy Minds .  Very cute and functional!

Learn how to sprout seeds over at Susan Godfrey Blog.  This looks yummy and healthy!

 And, learn how to grow two different vegetables from one kale plant at Whole Lifestyle Nutrition.

Now, let's hear from you!

My simple rules are, to link your post(s) back to Our Simple Farm and please read some of the other wonderful posts that everyone else has linked.  Don't forget to 'like' your favorites!

You can post as many as you want.  Ideas include anything having to do with homesteading, biblical living, sustainable farming, bartering, income ideas, homemaking, homeschooling, DIY projects, recipes, gardening and anything else you think would fit!  I would love for you to grab my button too!

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  1. Thanks for hosting today and also the feature on the kale plant :) Today I am linking two recipes! Top 10 whole foods grilling recipes and grilled organic fruit kabobs! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks for hosting the link up! I added a post on our life without using paper towels.

    Be Blessed!


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