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Homemade Shower Essentials-Part I

This week I am focusing on how to make your own shower essentials.  What kind of shower essentials you might ask?  I will give you an extremely simple run down of what I keep in my shower.  You will learn how to make soap, a simple hair cleanser and conditioner.  The last two are extremely simple, so, today, I am sharing my soapmaking video.  I have had this on youtube for a few months now, so, if you haven't seen it yet, here is your chance!

Part of becoming less reliant on the grocery store is having a change of mindset.  We can't be too particular or needy when it comes to certain things.  One of those "things" is shower essentials.  Who says we have to have bubble baths(which, by the way, is bad for you), salon approved shampoos and conditioners, or anything else they try to sell us in the beauty section?  I like simple and I am pretty happy to say that I'm content with my shower essentials.

What you may not know is that I use my goat's milk soap as my shampoo too.  I have naturally curly hair and I have noticed that regular shampoo strips my hair of natural oils which makes for some dry curls!  This, along with disliking buying anything in the health and beauty section is why I have decided to make my own hair cleaner and conditioner.  Plus, it saves money.

If you have not made your own soap and would like to give it a try, I encourage you to watch my video.  If you do not have goat's milk, just substitute water for the milk in the recipe.

Do you already buy natural soap and don't have any intentions of making your own?  Try using your store bought soap as a shampoo bar as well.  Not buying shampoo might offset the soap costs.

So, today, I will leave you with the soapmaking video.  You can double your uses of it by using it as a face/body wash and shampoo.

Thursday I will show you my simpler than simple hair wash and rinse using two basic ingredients.  I must say that my hair is not as dry as it used to be, and, I am saving money.  One small step towards being less reliant on the grocery store!


Ready for part 2 of homemade shower essentials?  Go here.

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  1. My friend and I made a triple batch of your recipe last week. It is now cut and curing. It wasn't hard at all, especially since she had a stick blender :).

    I'm so thankful for your video and step by step instructions. I would like to ask if you wouldn't mind sharing some of your favorite scent combinations. We used Tea Tree oil with Lavender.
    Thanks again,

    1. I'm so glad you are enjoying the video! I must say, Lavender with Tea Tree oil is one of my favorites! I also like Bergamot Lemon. One of my latest combinations is peppermint/chocolate, oh my!

  2. Hi, Susie,
    I have someone who was just asking if I made goat's milk soap, and I want to give her your link...I am so glad to see you posting again! I hope you are feeling well and that the whole family is strong and well.
    The soap looks divine and maybe my friend can make her own now that you have supplied a video. God's timing is always awesome. Thank you!

    1. Wonderful, Jacque! Thank you for sharing too! We are doing well and everyone is healthy, praise God! It is good to be back and as always, to hear from you, sweet friend!

  3. Yes, a bouquet for you: I made batch upon batch of different soaps last spring using your proportions(from your video). I sold out at the Farmer's Market and have many happy costumers- Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hello! I've been making your goat milk lotion recipe for a couple of years and I just love it! Now I want to try the goat milk soap. Can you please tell me how many pounds of soap your recipe makes? Is it OK to just halve the recipe if I don't want to make such a huge batch? Also, would the recipe work fine if I didn't add the oats and/or honey, or would I need to adjust the oils or lye or milk quantities? Thanks so much for making your recipes available and, especially, for the videos!


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