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More DIY Haircare Recipes

Becoming self reliant is one of my passions!  I have shared with you my easy homemade shower essentials this week, but, if you missed it, go here.

If you would like a little bit more for your homemade shower essentials, other than my easy and cheap recipes, here is a great site on ten different hair care recipes, http://www.instructables.com/id/Homemade-Shampoo/?ALLSTEPS.  You can also click on the picture below.  These homemade hair care recipes require a little bit more ingredients, but, sometimes we just want a little extra, right?

Have fun experimenting!

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  1. Oh it is very interesting that home made shampoos for hairs Beautyof hair
    are really good so that we can analyse that what ingredients we using and will they suitable or not!


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