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Simple Living Wednesday

Our Simple Farm

Now more than ever, we need to keep our minds focused on what matters.  The simple things in life need to spring forth in this chaotic world.  You can either make your Christmas be a time of go go go, do do do, buy buy buy, or a time of just plain ole' peace.

I choose peace.

I would love to read about your wonderful posts!  Let's remember the simple rules, to link back here from your post that you have shared.  Ideas include anything having to do with 

homesteading, biblical living, sustainable farming, bartering, income ideas, homemaking, homeschooling, DIY projects and anything else you think would fit!

Grab my button and let's begin!

Our Simple Farm

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  1. Thanks for hosting! My life could use some simplicity now more than ever. -Jamie

  2. Sharing a story of how God used a little car trouble to bless us last Friday morning. He is good...all the time. :) Blessings! ~Lisa


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