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Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge Day 1

Today is the start of a challenge that could change the way we live!  Are you fed up with spending so much money at the grocery store?  Are you yearning to be more self sufficient, but don't know where to start or are just overwhelmed by the thought of it all?  We are all in this together, you and me, so let's get started!

This challenge is about forgoing the grocery store as much as possible, not illuminating it all together.  This challenge will get us thinking about what we can do without, and what we can grow or make ourselves.  We will be challenged to do things we might not have done before.  And, most importantly, we will change our mindset about becoming self sufficient by holding each other accountable to this challenge.

To accommodate everyone, we will be starting from the very beginning.  No matter what size yard you have, you can become more self sufficient than you realize.  Everyone's specific goals will be different, but our ultimate goal is the same.  Not only will we learn food self sufficiency, but we will also learn how to bypass the health and beauty section of the grocery store as well.

Our very first assignment is simple yet thought provoking.  First of all, you will need a notebook or journal of some sort to keep all of your thoughts, goals, plans, etc. in one spot.

Title your assignment as this;

Day One - Foods I Consume and Foods I Wish to Consume

Think about what vegetables and fruits you buy at the grocery store.  This includes fresh, canned, dried or frozen.  If you have to, the next time or two you go shopping, write down what you are buying.

Some items that come to my mind are tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, broccoli, carrots and apples to name a few.

Now that you have written down what you normally buy, write down what you would like to eat more of but don't necessarily buy very often.  Say you like eggplant, but hardly ever buy it, write it down in a second column.  Part of being self sufficient and eating healthier is consuming a larger variety of foods and foods that are in season.

You are creating your sustainable garden list.  How exciting!  Stay focused on what you and your family will eat.  This is not a year of trying new and different vegetables.  This is a year of utilizing everything you grow so every little space in your garden counts towards cutting back on your groceries.

If you don't eat corn, but everybody and their brother go crazy over corn, who cares!  Don't write it down.  Here is my weakness, winter squash.  I love the different varieties and would love to grow as many as I can, but this year, I must stay focused and grow one or two varieties that hold up well in storage.

Remember, be honest with yourself about what you and your family will eat.  Don't throw away precious space in your garden.

Let's do this!

Our next step will require a brush up on our math skills!

Day Two Challenge

Day 3 Challenge

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  1. I am excited about this challenge.. are we only doing produce for this list?

    1. For today, yes. I don't want to overwhelm anyone;) We will be working on haircare and skincare too. Also, milk products will be accounted for as well along with meat and flour/grains. I will try to make it well rounded as best I can!

  2. Sounds so wonderful! I look forward to seeing more, and plan to share your post with friends seeking to make changes.

  3. We've had gardens in the past that served us well and others that ended up being more than necessary . I am so excited about this blog and am soo thankful for the education on how to utilize every space according to our needs.

  4. can't wait for tomarrow.we live in a rental and want to grow:)

  5. I posted my answers over at my blog. Thanks for doing this challenge. It runs in perfect harmony with my plans to have my first real garden this year. Yeah!


  6. This is very interesting. We already do many self-sufficient type things on our farm, but I am looking forward to following along as you do this. I am SURE there are going to be things I can learn, especially with beauty/skincare/haircare etc. Thanks!

  7. I am so excited about this challenge! I can't wait to get started. Thank you for doing this!

  8. Great idea! I am starting my list. We decided already to add a couple of trees to our small orchard this year! So thankful for this challenge!

  9. I am so excited to start this! I made my list and got my daughter involved as well. Looking forward to our next "assignment".

  10. Great idea! I've promised hubby I won't go too big. I wonder how he defines "too" ? LOL

  11. I'm hoping to get my Hubby onto this too - wish me luck :)

  12. What an excellent challenge. I think my husband and I will do this one together. This is our first year on our own land and we are both dreaming of what to do come spring. I'm thinking we are going to learn some really great things with this challenge! Okay, I'm off to get my journal started!

  13. Well, made the list... keep with the not overwhelming plan because i am already overwhelmed. :)

  14. Will get a notebook ready.....looks enjoyable! Hugs from our farm!

  15. Love this idea! I look forward to this challenge!

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