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Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge Day 9-Grow Your Own Pharmacy

Have you ever thought about using herbs to treat common ailments?

Let me start out by telling you that in no way am I endorsing going doctor free!  There are times when we need doctors.  Use sound judgement when growing your own herbs for medicinal purposes.

Growing and using your own medicinal herbs could actually keep you from a doctor's visit, which is why I think it is a very important part of being self sufficient and replacing the grocery store.

Think about common, nonthreatening ailments that you or your family might have.  Is it headaches, sore throats, colds, menstrual cramps, belly aches, earaches, or anything else that seems to plague you from time to time?  Here are some common herbs that might be very useful in your medicine cabinet:

Catnip - helps promote sweating which in turn helps reduce fevers.  It also helps relieve colic in babies as well as restlessness and nervousness in adults and children.

Chamomile - is considered to be a mild sedative.  It also is an acts as an anti-inflammatory along with many other common ailments.

Feverfew - is said to be beneficial in relieving migraines and rheumatism and arthritis.

Jewelweed - is excellent in treating skin rashes caused by poison ivy and poison oak.

Parsley - is excellent for treating bad breath.

Echinacea -  An all around immune booster that also helps cure the common cold, earaches, flu and bronchitis

Borage - An effective herb against fevers, inflammation, inflamed eyes, colds and congestion.

Pleurisy Root - Used in treating diarrhea and as an expectorant and helps with many lung issues.

Nettle - Used to help relieve allergies and colds.  Helps maintain healthy kidney function and used for menstrual relief.

Lemon Balm - Is said to be anti-viral and promotes sweating.  Is good for lowering blood pressure and helps calm a nervous stomach and colic along with many other ailments.

These are just a few common herbs that can be grown and used in your medicine cabinet.

Day 9 Assignment - Choose Herbs to Grow Your Own Pharmacy and Start Growing!

Do research on the herbs that will benefit you and your family the most.  Don't purchase a bunch of herb seeds that will not be put to good use!  Also research on how they are used.  I have done some of this research for you by providing you with a few good sites that tell you which herbs are good for certain common ailments.  Check out these sites below:


This next site is good at not only explaining the herb in detail, but it also tells you how to use the herb.


Do you want to go a little farther and research herbs in more detail?  Check out The Complete Book of Herbs: A Practical Guide to Growing and Using Herbs

I have this book and have learned so much!  Not only does it go into detail about each herb, but how to use it medicinally, culinary uses, beauty uses and much more!

Would you like to purchase heirloom seeds at an excellent price?  Check out the Medicinal Herb Garden at My Patriot Supply!  I did and cannot wait to get growing!

Medicinal Herb Garden

Are you lost and just starting on this challenge?  Go here!

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