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Foto Friday - Spring Lessons

Photo courtesy - My ten year old daughter.

I have glanced out the window so many times today as the rain steadily fell.  I am in awe of the green grass and can't keep from looking at it!  There are so many lessons to be learned with His glorious creation.  Spring is here at last! 

I see tiny buds forming on the apple trees and am reminded of God's perfect timing, in everything. 

I see the brilliant colors of spring flowers blooming among the dead tree leaves and can't help but think of how we are to shine in a fallen world.  

Seedlings are sprouting and need tender care until they are gradually set out in the harsher elements, preparing for what is to come. 

What is it, Lord? 

Am I a tender seedling in Your eyes?  Or are You gradually preparing me for something that would require unbroken faith and strength?

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  1. Our crocus came up last week, too. Spring is coming.


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