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Replacing the Grocery Store Challenge Day 11 - Make Your Own Mixes

The more I go grocery shopping, the more I notice items that I could make myself.  Being on a limited grocery budget and really having to stick to it is a good motivator to see what we can make ourselves or just do without.

The next time you go shopping, pay attention to what you put in your cart and think about whether you can make it yourself.  If you usually buy a lot of pre-made mixes, do not feel you have to make everything from scratch all at once.  Don't overwhelm yourself and give up.  If you normally buy quite a few mixes, pick out the one that costs you the most and start with that one.

If you make your mixes already, you might find some new ones below.

The goal here is to become less reliant on the grocery store.  Have I told you how much I dislike going through the check out line?  The more we can make or grow at home, the more we can save.  Plus, knowing if hard times hit us, we have a measure of security in our own food. 

Day 11 Assignment - Start Making Your Own Mixes 

I have shared a few websites with great homemade mixes below.  Remember, this challenge is for me as well.  Although I do make a majority of these mixes, there are some that I will be trying right along with you!

At Backwoods Home you will find a great post on Food Security along with these wonderful mixes:

Money Saving Mom always has great recipes with frugality in mind:

Heart-Hands-Home has some great mixes along with additional recipes to go along with it:

Hopefully, this will get you started in thinking about your own capabilities when it comes to homemade items.  Not only will this save us money, but our pantry, cupboards and freezers will be stocked and ready.

If you are ready to take it a step farther, here are some fabulous books that go beyond the mixes above:


I would love for you to share your homemade mixes too!

Are you lost and just starting on this challenge?  Go here!

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  1. Awesome post! Thank you! I love have all the different mixes in one place! Pinning it right now! :)

  2. Thank you so much. I'm reall wanting to find a Jambalaya recipe that matches Tony Chachere's. If you happen to come across one, please let me know. I do make my own rolls and cornbread, along win a lot of other things.

  3. Great post. I love The Homemade Pantry book. So far, everything I've made from there has been great. Right now, I'm working on no longer buying salad dressings. We've found a ranch dressing that we love, now we just need a zesty italian. I find that if I work on one thing at a time the it is much easier than trying to do a big revamp all at once.

    I came over from Barn Hop. Enjoyed the visit.

  4. I love making mixes, too! I have a just-add-water vegan pancake mix http://stuffedveggies.blogspot.com/2013/03/grilled-banana-pancakes.html
    and a cookie mix that makes 7 different cookies, and a cupcake http://stuffedveggies.blogspot.com/2013/03/strawberry-celebration-cupcakes.html
    They're free of shortening, and can be made whole grain : )

    Hope you enjoy checking them out : )

  5. Wow, thank you for a wonderful list! I'm going to Pin this right away. It is way too good of a list to keep to myself!

  6. hillbillyhousewife.com also has a lot of mixes


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