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Confession of an Unworthy Homesteader

Many of you have heard about the Homesteading Wife's Christian Devotional ebook I have been working on. Here is my confession:

Although each devotion is something I have struggled with personally at one time or another and have overcome,  I have been blasted with the old lie of feeling unworthy to write this ebook.

There are so many blogs and people that portray themselves as being perfect people, perfect wives with perfect marriages and perfect children.  Perfect homes, perfect homesteads, perfect animals, perfect diets, perfect gardens.  I let those misconceptions and lies bleed into my soul.

There is not one who is perfect.

God has to continually remind me that I am not unworthy.  I am His.  And so are you!

So, my ebook was put on hold because of my silliness and insecurity of not being good enough in the eyes of these "perfect" people.  But, I want you to know that I keep learning a valuable lesson.  I learn more from someone who has been there, who has been real with her struggles and learned from them, who has received God's grace and is shouting to the world what a wretch she is and how she overcame.

I posted one time about how I enjoy being real, and am not ashamed of sharing my struggles.  It is freeing to me.  Even with that little statement a few commented with an in depth explanation of what I just said that did not make any sense, one said we shouldn't worry about whether others are real or not, just love God.  And, another said something about doing away with Christmas and how that was being real.


Where have we gone?  Are we so far removed from the simple(not ignorant) truths of the Bible that everyone takes offense or reads everything we say with a magnifying glass and a critical eye?

I have decided to finish my ebook.  And, I'm sure there will be some "perfect" people who will find something wrong with the biblical truths that I share.  But, these truths stand strong in my heart.  I have shared each truth, as a homesteading wife and mother, as one who has been through each trial that I wrote.

I have been feeling suppressed and that is not of God.

I am not perfect and most of you who have been following me know that that has never been my style of writing.  I am me, Susie.  And I must say it was quite humbling to write about my struggles.  I am making myself vulnerable to you all by sharing my heart in this ebook.

But, I also want you all to know that you are not alone on this venture of homesteading.  We can keep our sanity, believe it or not!

So, there.  I said it.  My confession.

I have finished the chapters, now I am working on adding my favorite recipes/home remedies/tips to the end of each chapter.

I would love to hear your thoughts.  What have been your spiritual struggles as a homesteader?  I can pretty much guarantee I can relate!

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  1. I do not know if this is a spiritual struggle but I struggle with loneliness at times. I do not know anyone else around me that lives the way I do which is sad because this used to be a huge farming community. I am not able to get away from the farm much and my husband works afternoons and is either not here or asleep most of the time that I am up and even though he spends as much time with me as possible I long for a woman to socialize with. I spend a lot of time alone. (My kids are grown) Sometimes I feel so emotionally exhausted because I have no one to socialize with. I hope this makes sense. I also want to add that I am not depressed I was just sharing one of my biggest struggles. :)

    1. I'm sure many of us can relate, April! It is normal to feel lonely in this homesteading adventure. Sometimes our only companions are the old hens:) Thanks for sharing and no, I know you are not depressed!

  2. Go lady! Throw that stuff off and just remember you are giving what you have to offer to bless others and that is precious. Fear not! You can never please everyone, don't try.

    1. You are so right! That people pleasing stuff can creep up on us, can't it? Thank you for sharing kind words, Dalyn!

  3. To be honest I get really depressed reading the blogs with perfect people, because my family is far from it and I know we will never be . Some people try to pretend to be so perfect you know it is fake. I appreciate your honesty don't let people discourage you. You just keep walking the path God has you on and you will be blessed. You are really a blessing to those who read and learn from your experiences.

    1. Thank you, Donna! I can get overwhelmed at all of the perfection on blogs, magazines, etc. To me, that is not life. It might be something we can strive for if God is calling us to work on that particular thing, but we cannot do it all. This is a downfall with blogs in my opinion, especially Christian blogs. The legalistic side of things, such as some women share why they only wear skirts, is not bringing Christians together, only dividing. Not that wearing skirts only is bad, but when we share it in a legalistic(it's my way or the highway) approach, it can be depressing to some. Thank you for your sweet words!

  4. Well... from this "imperfect person" to you, I am looking forward to your ebook. My life is not perfect and never will be. I have dirty dishes in the sick, clothes to be washed, folded and dried. I have children whose rooms are a total disaster area. In all honestly... my home is very well lived in but it is just as happy as those "perfect homes", if not much more. Thanks for being open & honest!


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