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Coming Soon! The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle and Affiliate Opportunity

I get so excited when these bundles come along.  It's like I'm walking into a bookstore, only there's just one big section and it's just for me!  The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a little different than the past ones that I have been an affiliate for.  My eBook, The Homesteading Wife's Christian Devotional, is included!

Here is the breakdown of what you get:

It is quite a bargain!  But, what makes this over the top is you get free stuff too!

Although I can't give you specifics yet, let me tell you that these bonuses are awesome!

Plus, I thought I would throw in my own little bonuses!  Because my eBook is included, I have made a garden journal and prayer journal that you will receive for free.  All you have to do is buy your bundle from me and email me your receipt as proof of purchase.  Take a look:

The Garden Journal is a monthly journal with extra pages for note taking.  I also have added a veggie chart that you can customize with your own yields needed to provide for your family.  Another informational yields chart is included as well.  Take a look at these samples:

The Prayer Journal goes along with my eBook.  It includes the Bible verse(s) for each chapter and the prayer at the end of each chapter.  You can customize and add extra prayers and answered prayers.  Here are samples:


There's one more bonus that I think you will like.  How about 20% off Eden Natural Skincare and Cosmetics, my very own handmade goat's milk soaps, lotions and mineral foundation powder?

The only way you can get my personal bonuses is if you buy The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle from my website!  You can go to the main website from here, then buy the bundle and you will get credit.

When is the sale, you ask?

April 23-28 only!

Don't forget that it is for 6 days only and then it's gone forever!  Mark your calenders and be ready!

Are you a blogger looking to earn some cash with this bundle too?  Join the affiliate program!  It's easy peasy! Go here.

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