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Free Bonuses, Printables, Offers and More with The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!

If you have been reading about The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, then you probably know a little bit about what is offered.  If you are like me, sometimes I skim through huge sales like this and get a little overwhelmed at all of it's greatness.

If you are totally lost and have not heard about this amazing sale, go HERE!

So, I thought I would highlight the bonus offers and pick out my absolute favorites!  Now, I must remind you that these bonuses are absolutely free with your Bundle purchase, but for some you might have to pay a small shipping fee.  With the actual cost of some of these free tangible items, shipping is so very worth it!

Marie-Madeline Studio—A $15 store credit for anything in Marie-Madeline Studio's online store. ($15.00 value. Standard shipping applies.)

I love to sew when I have time.  And, I'm a sucker for patterns and fabric.  But, this store has more than just fabric and patterns.  Go check it out!

For more info on the bundle, go HERE.

Redeeming Beauty Mineral Makeup—3 FREE eyeshadows of your choice from Redeeming Beauty. ($16.47 Value. Standard shipping applies - only ships to US and Canada.)

I make my own mineral makeup, so I can't wait to try this out and compare!  One day, I'll get my eyeshadow online for you all.

DaySpring—A FREE 10-pack of Premium Greeting Cards. ($20.00 Value. Standard shipping applies.)

Who doesn't love Dayspring?  I can't wait to get my assortment in the mail!

DizolveFREE 64-load pack of Dizolve Laundry Strips for you PLUS a Free 64-load pack of Dizolve Laundry Strips for food banks. ($25.98 value. Standard shipping [$3] applies. Only ships in the US.)

You read that right!  Get 64 strips(64 loads) of laundry detergent for free!  And the second 64 pack will be donated to a food bank.  Wow!

Bulk Herb Store—Instant download of the instructional video Making Herbs Simple Volume 2 for FREE from Bulk Herb Store. (up to a $15.00 Value. No shipping required.)

I devour learning about anything herbal, so this is definitely on my favorites list.  I got the first volume last year and love it!

That's not all you get with The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!  But, just in case you are wondering, the bonuses I mentioned above are valued together at $92.45.  The total of all bonuses is over $200!

 The bundle itself is only $29.97!

Not sold yet?  How about this:

I have personally made a Prayer Journal that goes along with my eBook, The Homesteading Wife's Christian Devotional(included in the bundle), and a Garden Journal, complete with monthly charts, yields, customizable charts and extra pages for notetaking.  Plus, you get 20% off Eden Natural Skincare and Cosmetics!

Just buy the bundle from me, email me your receipt or just let me know you bought it from me, and I will send you the coupon code and journals!

Find the complete list of bonuses and enter to win a mini iPad, HERE!


  1. Hi there! I just bought the homemaking bundle from you. Where should I e-mail you my receipt? I'd love to get your prayer and garden journals :)

    1. Hello Alicia! Can you please email me at shockfamilyfarm@gmail.com? I will email you your gifts and coupon! Thank you so much and I hope you enjoy all of the ebooks and bonuses!


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