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How to Make Your Own Fly Repellent for Your Dog's Nose

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So far this spring, the flies are out in full force.  Usually they don't get too bad until a little later in the summer.  Unfortunately, our Great Pyrenees seem to attract the flies, mainly on their noses.

I've tried vaseline, I've tried nontherapeutic grade essential oils and a few other remedies that I found on the internet.  I've even tried the nasty fly spray out of desperation, but quickly felt guilty because of the toxic chemicals.  Besides, it didn't really work anyway.

This year I decided to try therapeutic grade essential oils which are in their most purest form.  After experimenting on just the right blend, I've come up with one that works for us.

If you are skeptical about the effectiveness of therapeutic grade essential oils(I was!),take a look at this picture of one of my Great Pyrenees's nose before I applied the oil blend.  Notice the scarring from previous summers when nothing worked.  Sometime these flies just make me angry.  This is a conservative amount of flies, usually there are more.

After applying the repellant that I made to her nose and about an hour later, here is the result.

I could've waited longer, like around two hours longer, but I was a little impatient and wanted to take the picture before I forgot about it.  Let me tell you, the flies here are horrible and probably aren't the norm for most, so my guess is that it would probably last longer for those that don't have it this bad.  But, about every 2-3 hours, I apply more of the blend.  Sometimes, just once a day is sufficient!

I also want to note that it is important to keep an eye on your dog for a few minutes afterward because they just might try to rub their nose in the dirt and wipe off the oil. Although the oils absorb quickly, the dirt will rub much of the scent off.

I like to use a 4 mL roller bottle instead of a spray bottle for this issue.  Dogs don't particularly like to get sprayed on the nose!  I just rub the oils directly on the top part of their nose(not the nostrils), or rub on my fingers first then quickly rub on their nose.  You can get roller bottles here.

Fractionated Coconut Oil or any food grade oil you have on hand such as olive oil or grapeseed oil.

Put the above oils in the roller bottle, then top it off with the coconut oil.  Always remember to shake the bottle a little bit before you use it.  After you apply it to the nose, pet your dog with the remaining oil blend that's left on your hand from the forehead on down to the length of their back.  This helps repel flies from their body.

My Golden Retriever and Golden Pyrenees don't get flies on their noses, but those little pesky things will land on their backs at times.  I rub the roller bottle on my hand, then pet them down their back to keep the flies away.  This is done only once a day.

Although the dogs don't particularly enjoy getting the oils put on, especially so close to their sniffer, they are able to snooze peacefully without having to swipe their noses often.     

Nontherapeutic grade essential oils did not do squat for me last year.  So, this is really exciting for me to see such amazing results with my favorite essential oils.  I'm having so much fun experimenting with my oils here on the farm!  If you would like to learn how you can get started using these therapeutic grade oils, go here

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