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{Great Pyrenees Puppies}

This is Maximus, one of the stars in the Santa Paws 2 Disney movie!  He played the part of Hope and Jingle.

These are our three puppies who were in training for the movie in Canada.

We raise Great Pyrenees, a wonderful, versatile dog.  They are great for livestock protection or an all around family friendly farm dog.  My children show ours in 4-H and do extremely well in their obedience classes, winning almost every time!  These dogs are so loving and gentle and are great with kids.

  Check out our Great Pyr website and take a look at our sweet, gentle giants. Our latest adventure with these puppies is that they were in a movie, and I'm not talking about any movie, but a Disney movie called Santa Paws 2.  It is the sequel to The Search for Santa Paws. We are so excited and are still a little bit in awe of the whole ordeal, but it is one of those things that just fell into our laps!

Our puppies are all sold!  Check back in the late fall for our next litter!

Our Great Pyrenees website is:  www.shockgreatpyrenees.blogspot.com

Take a look at our "gang" of Pyrs and the puppies and learn about the breed.  You can also contact me if you have any questions.


  1. I bet the movie has a famous character name in the title, followed by a canine term...

  2. The name of the movie is The Adventures of Santa Pups. I am allowed to tell you now:)

  3. Hi, Susie. Just found your blog and LOVE IT!!! I'm looking for a guard dog for my chickens, turkeys, and ducks. Do you think a great pyrenees would be a good choice for that? We've had a lot of loses this year to stray dogs, foxes, raccoons, etc and are looking for a dog that will watch over our flock as they free-range in our yard.



  4. Jamie,

    Great Pyrenees are wonderful for protecting your birds as well. If you raise them with the birds and train them to obey you with basic dog obedience training, they will work well for you. Our Great Pyrs chase off hawks that get near our chickens and will not let anything touch them or antagonize them, including other dogs, fox, raccoons, etc.

    So glad you are enjoying Our Simple Farm!

  5. How neat to have one of your own puppies in a movie! :)


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